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The Epos travels to New York

Twenty canvases, over 20,000 photographs, and nearly 30 TB of data, all make up something truly epic - the Epos book. The remarkable large-format publication, authored by Jan William Drnek, presents Mucha’s entire Slav Epic cycle in digitised ...

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The Slav Epic Restorer Tomáš Berger

Tomáš Berger has been a restorer of The Slav Epic for fourteen years. He describes why epos is so special, what care is required when relocating The Epic and more, in an interview here.

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Author of Chronicle of the First Republic, Pavel Kosatík, for Radiožurnál

The author of the books How Masaryk created Czechoslovakia, 100x TGM and Jan Masaryk - A True Story, in an Interview for Radiožurnál. How does a historian comment on the events of the First Republic? Listen to the audio recording.

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Pavel Kosatík in an interview on

What does historian, writer and author of Chronicle of the First Republic say about the First Republic. Read the full article.

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Ceremonial launch of Chronicle of the First Republic

The authors of Chronicle of the First Republic presented their work to the public for the first time on October 9th last year. A collection of artistic books that will be published every year over a period of 21 years, the same length of time ...

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Jan William Drnek on the digitisation of The Slav Epic

Jan William Drnek on how he got into photography and how The Slav Epic, famous Czech artist Alphonse Mucha’s masterpiece, was digitised. More in the interview here.

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